My first art teacher was a college student majoring in architecture and a renter in my mother's house. I was five then, and loved to draw and play with colors. My mother realized his artistic talent was a great opportunity for me to study art, so she she reduced his rent in exchange for lessons. His patience and playful teaching style still influence both my artistic and teaching practices to this day.

I studied Fine Art at National Taiwan Normal University and  taught high school art for three years afterwards. In 1988, I got married, immigrated to the United States, and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy taking photos and working with different kinds of materials including oil, acrylic, pastels, and Chinese ink. Living in the Bay Area has been a luxury, and I am constantly inspired by its many cultures and landscapes.

I work with artists to display their pieces at galleries around the East Bay. Bringing people together and connecting generations through art is very important to me. 

Making art has always been my way of expressing myself.
I find inner peace and harmony through my practice.